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I was born on 17 November 1981 in Purmerend, the Netherlands. My parents are originally from Hong Kong.

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Willem (Chinese Traditional: [偉麟], Chinese Simplified: [伟麟][wěilín])

Willem (Dutch pronunciation: [ˈʋɪləm]) is a Dutch given name. The name is Germanic, and can be seen as the Dutch equivalent of the name William in English, Guillaume in French, and Wilhelm in German. Nicknames that are derived from Willem are Jelle, Pim, Willie, Willy and Wim.
Source: Wikipedia

Liu (Chinese Simplified: [廖][liào])

劉(Lao, Lau, Lowe, Lauv, Liew, Liu, Loo, Low, Liou or Yu) is a common Chinese family name. The transliteration Liu can represent several different surnames written in different Chinese characters:
劉 / 刘, pinyin: Liú. A very common surname, as it was used by the ruling family of the Han Dynasty - a high point in the history of China.
柳 pinyin: Liǔ in mandarin, Lau : Cantonese
留 pinyin: Liú in mandarin, Lau : Cantonese
六 pinyin: Liù in mandarin, Lyuk : Cantonese
廖 Cantonese pinyin: Liu 6, Mandarin : Liao, Wu
In Vietnamese, the name can either take the form "Liễu" (in northern regions), corresponding to 柳 in Chinese, or "Lưu" (in central or southern regions), corresponding to 刘/劉 or 留 in Chinese. The family name 六 is "Lục" in Vietnamese. A few having Vietnamese-Chinese descent use the family name "Lao" while Indonesian-Chinese descent Latinise it according to Dutch pronunciation as "Lauw".
In Hakka, 刘/劉 is most commonly transliterated as 'Liew' while 廖 is written as 'Liau' or 'Liaw'. The other variants of the romanised surname 'Liu', i.e. 柳, 留 and 六, are uncommon among speakers of Hakka.
In Cantonese transliteration, 刘/劉 (Liú) is Lau, Lao is also transliteration of 刘/劉 in Min Nan and Taiwanese Minnan Chinese language, whilst Liu is a different surname, 廖, pinyin: Liào, ("Liêu" in Vietnamese).

Source: Wikipedia